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Woven Wire Mesh In Petrochemical Industry

  Woven Wire Mesh In Petrochemical Industry    Sand Control Screen for Oil & Gas Industry Sand Control Screen from YKM Group is utilized in Oil & Gas Industry is utilized in a Sand Control System  to ensure that the sandy oil sludge is not pumped up to the top together with the oil. What are the Functions of a Sand Control Mesh Screen in Oil & Gas Industry? Sand Control Mesh Screen for Oil & Gas Industry is a must for applications involving Oil, Water, Gas, Steam Production, or any other production activity that is located deep underground. Sand can be produced either as a result of drag force from injection fluid. Similarly, Mechanical failure in wellbore can also cause sand production. Installing YKM Sand Control Mesh Screen has always shown to provide positive result against negative impacts of sand and the potential harm it can cause to the system. In short, Sand Control Screens are drilled deep below the surface of bores to capture sand particles and capture on